Please be aware that all guests are subject to various levels of screening and bag searches at the discretion of artists and management.

The following items are prohibited from the venue: outside food or beverages, drugs and narcotics, wallet chains, mace, weapons, sharp or dangerous items, cameras, video/audio recorders, stickers, flyers or multiples of items intended for resale or distribution, etc. Please be aware that this list varies from show to show and may change at the performer’s request.

Many performers will permit small personal pocket cameras, but require a press pass for professional equipment, however others prohibit all cameras/recording equipment. Please be aware that the venue’s camera policy is subject to the wishes of the performer/artist.

All patrons must present valid government-issued photo identification and be at least 21 years of age to purchase alcoholic beverages. Please be aware that only United States-issued ID card/drivers license or passports will be accepted. No exceptions.

Re-entry is not permitted once you have been admitted into the venue.