Trevor Noah at SF Masonic Auditorium

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The Masonic | San Francisco, California

Trevor Noah

We don’t know about you, but we find that watching stand-up comedy always makes us feel good about ourselves, and it’s not because we’ve had some life altering self-discovery moment, it’s because we realize that all the bizarre stuff we do and all the things I think are true to someone else too. If you’re an animated person, you love to be loud and are the biggest voice in a room, watching stand-up comedy reassures that larger than life personality in a way that can be pretty and successful and admired.

Trevor Noah is the most recent in a long line of top quality comedic talents to grace the stage of the The Masonic. Firmly established as one of the finest venues in California, The Masonic is proud to host only the funniest comedy and stand up events in San Francisco. Trevor Noah is a absolutely unrivaled comedian, bound to give you a side-splitting night of non-stop chuckles. Leave your worries and daily stresses at home, but do not forget to take painkillers - you'll require them to help your aching sides afterwards! Are you wanting to carry on your evening after the gig? San Francisco has great late night entertainment with many Irish bars and food outlets just a short walk from the The Masonic.

Trevor Noah at The Masonic

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