Karan Aujla at SF Masonic Auditorium

Karan Aujla Tickets

The Masonic | San Francisco, California

Karan Aujla

Don’t tell anyone, but Karan Aujla is coming to the world famous The Masonic in San Francisco, California for a live pop-rock performance on Friday 20th October 2023. This marks one of the best chances you have to see this epic artist perform some of their charts-topping songs this 2023. If you love music, then you don’t want to miss out, since critics are calling this a contender for “greatest pop-rock concert of 2023. But before you get in your car to rush your local box offices, you can order your tickets here and have first dibs on the best seats in the house. All you have to do is click the Buy Tickets button now!

Have you spent any time at The Masonic in California, San Francisco? Well it is known as one of the ultimate places to host huge pop performances in the area and pop fanatics are always boasting about it...all of those wonderful amenities to offer, what a great service and the atmosphere is joyful as soon as you enter those doors, right up until the end of the night...why do you think the reviews are so good? The Masonic is excellent! And could you think of a more important act to play at this important place? Thats right...Karan Aujla is probably the greatest in the business right now....Pop fans are in pure adoration right now! The fall, 2023 tour of the states is looking insanely awesome and you, along with your pop idol friends could actually be in attendance on Friday 20th October 2023! YES REALLY! Buy some tickets to a Friday night of eye catching pop music this October, why not, we can direct you via the 'GET TICKETS' icon....this is a unique opportunity, watch your best loved stars live on stage! CLICK BUY, NOW!

Karan Aujla at The Masonic

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